Being Ill Really Sucks!

On Saturday I was absolutely fine but on Sunday I woke up with a feeling that spelled impending doom! No it wasn't alcohol related it was this year's round of the flu!

I am always surprised at this time of year in UK (when it starts to get wintery) how colds and flu seem to creep up on us unawares like grey mist getting thicker and thicker! Sometimes you get off light and you only have a runny nose and feel drained. Other times you get the full blown event with headaches, fever and a general gloomy feeling that you wouldn't mind if the earth swallowed you up now! If you can get the sleep that is good but quite often the illness renders you for the most part incapacitated but conscious as you struggle to make the next cup of lemsip.

Some people's approach is to take enough medicine that they walk around some strange trance state not unlike 'Dawn of the Dead'. Whether it's cough syrup, paracetemol or ibuprofen they get stocked up on all of it. I personally don't recommend this course of action as I believe the best way is to let you body deal with it in its own way. Whatever doesn't kill you makes you stronger right?

You are always left with an annoying waiting game with the virus in which all you can do is stick it out. It helps if you can convince someone else to look after everything while you are ill as cooking dinner and tidying up becomes a real chore. Sympathy always goes down a treat too. Then again being alone has its merits - you don't necessarilly want to deal with other people's issues when you are ill.

Anyway if you are also down with flu, cold or similar virus at the moment my heart goes out to you! Hang on in there!

Gosh - I've managed to write a whole post complaining about being ill! I must be feeling better...