10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Drum'n'Bass

Most people that know me know that I have always been passionate about Drum'n'Bass music. It is a style of music that is constantly evolving and diversifying in different genres and sub-genres. I have dabbled in some d'n'b production over the years too and I hope to take this up again soon.

Anyway in this post I wanted to share some interesting facts about Drum'n'Bass that most people may not be aware of.

1. Made in the UK! - Drum'n'Bass is the only musically genre to be made in the UK. While it draws many influences from outside it has developed exclusively in the UK.

2. It's gone Worldwide
- While Drum'n'Bass used to be just a UK ting, there are new scenes cropping up all around the world (such as Germany, Brazil, Holland, Scandanavia, Eastern Europe, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, USA Canada and Japan). Recently even the French have begrudgingly embraced a Drum'n'Bass scene.

3. David Bowie did a Drum'n'Bass Album - Even Rock Legend David Bowie saw the light when he released his album 'Earthling' in 1997. 'Little Wonder' was released as a single and it was 'little wonder' it didn't do so well as I don't think Bowie actually understood Drum'n'bass (Genius that he is!)

4. The Live Act - Drum'n'Bass is one of the few electronic dance music styles that can be performed live with 'real instruments'. After winning the Mercury Music Prize in 1997 Roni Size's Reprazent paved the way for the Drum'n'Bass live act. Their act featured live drums, live double bass and live vocals. Since then others have built on the live sound such as London Elektricity and Craggz and Parallel Forces.

5. Drum'n'Bass in Adverts
- Advertisers use Drum'n'Bass as bedding music. Check out the Specsavers or Ford Focus ads for good examples. Even Pantene Pro V used a Drum'n'Bass track in their ad - who'd have thought it!

6. Drum'n'Bass in the Movies
- More and more Drum'n'Bass producers are getting involved movie soundtracks though they don't shout about it. For example The Italian Job (2003) soundtrack was composed by Photek (long time and well respected producer).

7. Drum'n'Bass Producer makes waves in the Hip Hop Scene - In 2002 Adam F proved he could make it in the Stateside Hip hop world when he released the album 'Anti Acoustic Warfare'. He teamed up with likes of Redman, De La Soul and LL Cool J among others.

8. Who are the Godfathers? -Since the early nineties LTJ Bukem, Fabio and Grooverider have been pushing the Breakbeat, Jungle and Drum'n'Bass sound in the clubs. Nowadays Fabio has his own Radio Show on Radio 1. Fabio effectively created a sub genre known as 'Liquid'. Bukem championed Ambient D'n'B in the 90s and is still DJing along with running the record label Good Looking Records. Grooverider has recently been released from prison in Dubai after a drugs charge! We look forward to having him back.

9. How can I forget the Man Goldie?!!
- Wild child of Drum'n'Bass, Goldie (real name Clifford Price) is famous for his album 'Timeless' and seminal track 'Inner City Life' in 1995. On his next album 'Saturnz Return' he did an immense 1 hour track dedicated to his mother. Goldie has crossed over into TV and Movie Land. He starred as a Bond Villain in the film 'The World is Not Enough' and had a brief apperance in 'Snatch'. He also appeared on Celebrity Big Brother but was kicked out of the house pretty soon after! He was even in Eastenders briefly playing a gangster with a bad attitude. Not a difficult role to pull off for him I think and Im sure he gave Phill Mitchel a run for his money. He has continued to make waves in the scene with his long standing label, Metaheadz and a new album called Sine Tempus.

10. Drum'n' Bass is not Dead! This is the biggest load of BS ever as you can see from the previous 9 points. I have a theory that this is most likely a conspiracy created by the UK Garage headz in about 1999 and 2000 (you know who you are!! lol!) I have one question for them "where is UK Garage now?" ;-) Drum'n'Bass continues to goes from strength to strength without compromising its roots.

If you are interested in checking out some of the tunes I did a while back head over to www.myspace.com/taurusbeatz