The Lies They Tell On Chip Packets

It was an pretty average evening in my flat and I decided I was a bit peckish (which means hungry for the US readers). It was that kind of hunger that can only be satisfied by the wonder that is frozen food. It's cheap, it's lazy - job done.

So there I was with a frozen pizza in hand and packet of frozen chips in the other thinking 'what now?' Having had a look at the pizza box I determined the cooking time to be 25 minutes. Great, I thought, as the chip packet said the cooking time would be 25-30 minutes. At this point I assessed that if I was to put both of them in the oven at the same time they would both be ready at the same time and I would be in for a small banquet. How wrong I was! After 25 minutes of searing heat from the oven the pizza was done (almost over-done). However, the chips where bare done at all and still soft!

I decided to take the pizza out of the oven and turn up the heat. I even opted for the oven's fan assisted option. After 40 minutes (double the time stated on the packet) the chips were almost done but still a bit soft. At this point I chose take them out and start eating as the pizza, which had now been standing out for 20 minutes, was now cold. This meant I ended up with cold pizza and underdone chips - I was not a happy bunny. Is too much to ask the frozen chip industry put a more realistic cooking time on their packets? The pizza people got it right...