The 7 Chakras Of TweetZen

Chakra 1: The Truth changes - Stories and emotional states change quickly on Twitterspace like the wind and the tides. You may find it very beneficial to retain emotional detachment from the sensual barrage of tweets that appear in your awareness. We know from the wisdom of 'wiki' that ideas and truths may be altered by different entities from around spiritual cyberspace. What is true one minute may not be true the next. Whereas some truths may yet come to fruition when their hashtags or keywords become trending topics.

Chakra 2: Tweet the Karma - It is said that a journey of a 1000 followers starts with a single tweet. So begin as you mean to go along as for every cause there is an effect and for every action, a reaction. With each tweet try to follow along karmic lines of positive intention and benevolence. Pay attention to sending a tweet and its consequences as it is akin to firing an arrow from a bow. Once it has gone it may not be easily retrieved or undone (even with use of the delete tweet button).

Chakra 3: 'Flow like water, my friend' - These are the wise words of martial arts legend Bruce Lee who was around long before the world of Twitter. In spite of this his words are of great value and relevance even now. Twitterspace is a constantly evolving enitity so flow with it whilst keeping calmness and serenity in your heart.

Chakra 4: Meditate often - Meditation and contemplation on tweets by you and others may bring about new creativity and direction. It may help you connect with other tweeters who have a similar energy and can help you on your journey.

Chakra 5: Become detached from materialism - There are many who will try to blind you with the seductive tweets of materialism and ego. However, as it is written in the first Chakra; the truth changes so such tweets may only be temporary delights which soon vanish into Twitterspace.

Chakra 6: Follow your path - The path into Twitterspace is up to you and you alone. There may be distracting energies along the way but stay true to your essence and intention.

Chakra 7: Patience.... This last Chakra will be here soon. If this has been of use please retweet below and all will become clear....