The Zen Of Tweet

As an enthusiast of all aspects spiritual it occured to me while sitting under a tree last week in Spain that Twitter could actually be used to understand Zen Philosophy.

I know this sounds a little crazy but anyone who has gone through their old status updates may understand. Isn't it weird to see what you were up to and thinking a week or month ago? Who were you talking to and what about? Normally we would forget a lot of this but if you are on Twitter you have a snapshot into your past reality.

It is also interesting to observe how much situations and emotions change. Much of Zen Philosophy is living in the present moment without attachments to opinions or judgements. On Twitter we see how circumstances evolve sometimes in unexpected directions. What is true at one moment is often not true a second later when some new information is available or our state changes.

All this happened anyway but with Twitter we can see this on a large scale with ourselves and other people. Is this useful? I think so as quite often we can get consumed in the emotion of the present moment. We may write a status update like .....'I am really pissed off!' On reading the same update the next day we may wonder why we were so pissed off and whether it was worth it...