The First Post Is Always The Hardest...

It is hard for me to to really chose a topic to focus on a the moment. So much seems to be going on at the moment from the Global Financial Crisis to Facebook's new look.

What I will say is that everything seems to be speeding up with internet communications. Something can happen on one side of the world and within seconds it can be transmitted to the other side of the world. It is certainly the the wonder of technology that the world has become an even smaller place.

It is possible now to virtually walk the streets of Tokyo and New York with Google's Street View. Coming from the UK, I have never been to Tokyo but now I have an idea of what it looks like without going there.

I think all of these developments are good and I think it can certainly help people to share ideas. I hope it will mean that people will be able to understand each other better. Unfortunately there is a negative side to this as well. Unfounded rumours and scaremongering spread like wild fire. As we have seen over the last month or so with 'credit crunch', information has spread across the world instantaneously causing panic in places. It has cost companies millions and been the demise of others.

It looks like we've opened Pandora's Box and we are finding it very difficult to control it at the moment.