Look How Far We've Come But There Is A Tough Journey Ahead.....

.....This was the underlying message that Barack Hussein Obama seemed to be trying to communicate with his inauguration speech yesterday.

Even having watched it, I still can't believe we've seen the last of Bush and the US has a new black president who is seems to everything that Bush wasn't. His journey and others' journeys to get to this position have been long and difficult but the day is finally here. Civil rights protesters in 1960s America dreamed of this day. He ushers in a new age of politics and sets the standard for others to follow while Bush leaves one of the most unpopular Presidents ever.

That being said Obama inherits one of the toughest jobs at the toughest time. reccession, wars and bad politics of the past are issues he will have to deal with. On top of that expectations of him are very high and it will be difficult to live up to all of them.

Many have commented on the sombre tone of his speech but I feel it was in total context with situation he and the US are facing. He was very honest in saying that there were challenges ahead and mistakes would be made. It was rather a different speech to what many expected but Obama doesn't seem to be the kind of person who would shy away from difficult topics or issues.

His speech seemed to have a more positive tone towards the end, however, he had a tough line on those who challenged the 'American way of life'. I hope that this tough line will be tempered with diplomacy and the mistakes of the past will not be repeated.

Many will wish the best of luck to the new American Administration. Obama does look to be the positive charismatic leader that was needed at a difficult time though he will still need all the luck he can get.