8 Annoying Phrases We Could Do Without!

There are some phrases that just really annoy the hell out of me! :) I can't be alone in this so I thought I would share them with everyone.
  1. "Do you know what I mean?" - Isn't it annoying when people seem to end every sentence with this phrase? Do you know what I mean? ;-)
  2. "It's not rocket science" - Would thinking of a better phrase be rocket science?
  3. "Keep me in the loop" - This one is widely used by Jack Bauer in 24 but doesn't sound as cool if you don't work for CTU.
  4. "No offence but....." - "I am going to offend you anyway!"
  5. "Touching Base" - Sounds like a phrase that cool yuppie guys in the 80s used to use but people still seem to use it now. Get with the program!
  6. "Get with the program!" - No explanation needed
  7. "Don't take it personally!" - This is a pet hate of mine when I hear this! How else should I take it if it is a personal attack on my character? ;0
  8. "There are plenty more fish in the sea" - Yeah but I want that fish!
I am sure these are only 'a drop in the ocean' or 'the tip of the iceberg' of the many of annoying phrases out there! :)

However, if you have a particular phrase that winds you up please share it below......