Upset For Roddick

Having watched an amazing Wimbledon final yesterday I couldn't help feeling for Andy Roddick. Without Nadal in the draw this year this was Roddick's best chance for years to win the long sort-after Grand Slam.

He had already extinguished British hopes with the dismissal of Murray and certainly thought there was a chance against Federer given the Swissman's defeat to Nadal last year. It was a fantastic final and we had the pleasure of having a whole pub sofa to ourselves along with a couple of cheeky rums and cokes! :)

It was a very difficult match to watch as I was taking Roddick's side inspite of him beating Murray. I have always admired Roddick inspite of him not winning Wimbledon. His strong reportoire of shots and serve certainly put him in the running this year. If there was anyone who deserved to win a title it is him. He has come so close but with likes of Federer on the circuit windows of opportunity have become few and far between.

Andy must have fancied his chances this year when he went one set up but from there onwards it was up and down. However, Federer did look like he had had his feathers ruffled on many occasions.

Ultimately, there are many factors that determine who will win. There are little turning points within the match. Little unforced errors can have a large effect when they accumulate. After playing for over 3 hours physical fitness and resilience will come into play too. It was Andy who had the tough matches to get to the final so I thought that he would have more match resilience though he may have been more exhausted from them.

After four hours of a rollercoaster match Federer was too good and he showed what champions are made out of. I am sure his mate Gavin Rossdale (formally of the rock band band Bush) also agreed!