#brizzlesnow #uksnow Photos from the @NiteGlow Snow Bunker

The New Year has brought the UK a flurry of snow which has yet again brought everything to a standstill! At the moment I am blogging to you from a snow bunker on the east of Bristol UK and the only communication with outside world is the internet - namely Twitter and this blog.

I have made sure I have enough food and beer to last me another 72 hours. After then I don't know what I will do! AHHH, Outside everything is cold and white!

Anyway I wanted to share with you some snow photos from around Bristol courtesy of my Twitter followers.

Queen Square, Bristol by @SallyanneHowell

A snow-woman by @lisariemers

Blizzard in BS5 by @Souterain

These have really brightened my day in the snow bunker. Keep the communications running. It is all we can do for now!