Valentine's Woes

Whether you are single or not the most romantic day in the calendar may prove a challenging time to say the least.

Singletons quite often find this is a dark and gloomy time where they are constantly reminded how single they are and how single they may well be in he future. For gals the only retreat may be lazing around in their pyjamas watching Bridget Jones for the seventeenth time. For the guys it may be found in firing up that games console for yet another seven hour marathon of Call Of Duty 4 or Pro Evo.

Singletons are barely able to take a single step without constant reminders of the day of romance whether it is special offers in shops /restaurants or messages from the 'loved up' media. TV or Radio during this time is a definite no-no. The daunting day arrives and the only mail they have received is a couple of bank statements and the annual heart-shaped card from Mum (which is very much appreciated but does not really count). This all leads singletons to a near murderous frenzy in which they have been known to wander the streets dispensing with all happy couples in their way.

While singletons are made to feel bad about a situation they may not have control over, it is not a bed of roses for couples either. When with someone Valentine's Day always seems to bring with it a big expectation to do something very special. This is in no small part down to the endless 'rom-coms' and other Hollywood movie magic. Partners may now wish to be spoilt with fine wines, foods, cards and gifts before being ushered upstairs to a love suite where they will be covered in red petals before a ravishing night of Valentines passion.

Failure to live up to such expectations could potentially spell imminent doom for any relationship. A box of Quality Street and a half-price bouquet from the nearest petrol station simply may not cut the mustard these days.

However, there are some people for which Valentine's is always a lovely affair. They are the businesses be they restaurants, card manufacturers, florists and others which provide us with our obligatory love gifts. For card manufacturers Valentine's Day is the best day for card sales after Christmas. Florists have been know to double sometimes triple their prices over the romantic period. It all seems quite cheeky really.

Anyway I am sure Saint Valentine had the best of intentions when he created his day. Unfortunately reality does not always live up to ideals.