Keep shining - Don't let the haters/bullies hold you back....

From the outset this blog is about shining light on the issues of the moment and one of these is the subject of bullying.

A lot of people have faced this whether it was at school, work or now online. Often bullies are individuals who have some shortfall or insecurity about themselves and want to take this out on someone else. Social media sites have given bullies another way to do this.

This may take the form of a relentless campaign of intimidation by the bully. Some of the behaviour and may be direct whereas some of the behaviour may be undermining behaviour. It can be difficult to deal with a bully if you share a workplace or university course with them. The key thing to remember is they are trying to make you feel bad for their own insecurities and mishaps that have happened in the past. They are often cowards who probably need a hug from mummy!

It is not your fault that they have had a rough ride and you should not be made a scape-goat for the fact that they cannot take responsibility for what has happened in their own life.

If you have a special talent too you will encounter the 'haters'. These are people who feel they have missed out and are jealous of the fact you are doing well. They may mock your talent and try and make you feel ashamed of it but do not let them. It is not your fault they cannot do what you can do or are not smart enough. Build yourself up, invest in your talent and screw the playa haters.

The best way to be bully/hater proof is to first of be proud of who you are no matter what and create a network of likeminded people who you trust and value you for what you do. Wherever possible give the bully absolutely no attention (as this is what the bully ultimately desires). Make sure you get advice from others and do not bottle things up inside. Some people find it productive to write things down. You could even take up boxing or Martial art and give the bullies a run for their money like on MTV's Bully Beatdown! The internet is also a place where you can find information and meet others in the same situation as you.

Whatever happens.......Stay Strong And Keep Shining! You might think you are alone but you are not the only one. Take 'em down champ!! It's your time! ;)