Doesn't Technology Just Make Us More Lazy?

The launch of iPad in the UK has caused lots of hysteria today with queues at Apple shops up and down the country. With every new piece of technology we are always told how it will revolutionise everything we do from business to personal life.

It generally stems around how much faster we can do everything and how we can be seen as cutting-edge or 'down with the kru' by our peer group. However, is having everything quicker and more readily accessible more valuable to your life experience or is it all just hype?

I think that technology and social networking can help up to a certain point and you can gain a great deal. Sooner or later though, you will hit the law of diminishing returns. At this point life experience is orientated in such a way that new technology or funky web apps will not really enhance it significantly. Furthermore, it may actually facilitate new inventive ways of you being lazy!

Ordering a pizza is as easy as going to the special app on your smartphone or other device. You don't even have to call the pizza company and speak to a human being any more! Having everything in the palm of your hand is a consumer's dream! It always sounds funky and fresh but isn't that just ego? Everything is available at a touch of screen. I find myself starting to get impatient with things if they don't work the way I expect. I then try and think to myself that there was a time when I never know such technology existed let alone know how to use it!

With new gizmos like the iPad are we heading to a future where we control our entire life through a technological box of tricks? If so we may end up no different then a bunch of spoiled technological brats! I am not sure that is a future I want....