Happy birthday NiteGlow!

On this day two years ago NiteGlow came into existence. I remember the day vividly as it was a cold autumn evening and I had just returned from work. I sat at the computer and thought 'let me create something'...

I could see how many progressions there were in the Social Media and the Online world I wanted to be a part of it and explore the new possibilities. I knew the journey I was going to take might be a rocky one and would certainly be a step into the unknown. It all started off with Twitter and this Blog. In fact this was my first tweet! Lol!

The story started here with my first blog post. The blog looked a little different then to what it looks like now. A year and a half later I redesigned the blog (no social media backlashes ensued!). This year has seen a lot new additions to the NiteGlow presence and there are more on the way too. In May of this year I launched a Soundcloud page to showcase my Drum'n'Bass and Dubstep demos. Most recently I have launched NiteGlow Sphere which amalgamates all the NiteGlow presences in one place.

Since the blog's creation there has been the ups and downs but I've met some great people along the way and had some great conversations online and in person. I doubt I would have come into contact with these people without Social Media and Blogging.

It's been an eventful couple of years and we have seen empires rise and fall in the new evolving media landscape. The start of the economic crisis brought hard times for all but the evolution of new media during this time has challenged the older traditional mindsets. It's been very uncomfortable for many in the media industry especially journalists and PRs.

We have also witnessed some incredible and harrowing things from aftermath of the Mumbai attacks (I went to India not long afterwards) to the news of Barack Obama's presidential victory in US. How could we forget the scandal of the #iranelection and the role Social Media played in telling that story?

The pot-shots between Apple, Google and Microsoft go on. Facebook continues to grow in popularity to the size of a small country. Many news stories break on Twitter first before anywhere else.

It's a crazy world out there but I always look to the future and new people I will meet on the way....

Peace out!